Learning a Language and Choosing a Tutor

           The process of learning a language is an adventure, and becoming fluent in that language is a great reward in itself. Knowing a foreign language opens up new horizons, rich with cinema and literature, artistic movements, philosophy and even food and emotions. Things that were once only accessible to you through someone else's translation or adaptation work are now yours to explore directly and more truthfully. Choosing the right medium to learn that language is a crucial part of the process. A good language teacher should adapt to you, to make sure that your progress is continuous, should also have a neutral pronunciation (no regional accent for example) and a good command of the language and its current evolution. Languages aren't taught in classrooms or from computers, they are passed on from one person to another, as you explore the structure and grammar of the language but also the culture intrinsic to it.

About me

          I am Gwendoline and I am a native French speaker, born and raised in Paris France by a successful and happy family of artists. I moved to the United States to join the second half of my family and to attend college, in an attempt to grow beyond the regular university spectrum. I went on to discover a culture I would eventually call my home away from home. The love of travel took me around the world, where I found that knowing multiple languages opens up many doors and possibilities. Language teaching and learning have been a natural and embedded part of my up-bringing, travels and artistic works. Whether on the steps of a Buddhist temple, cross-legged on the floor of a living room in Cambodia, or at the terrasse of a cafe in Paris, I see the world as a classroom.

          Now settled in Austin, I am pursuing my love of cultural exchange through teaching French. Students from all backgrounds and ages have been working with me to gain a solid foundation which has allowed them to access the French language and to deepen their knowledge through varied works such as plays, films, screenplays, poetry, literature and even cooking (which is especially fun with children)!


A Typical Class

          A typical class will include some grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, developing vocabulary, pronunciation work and exchange. Whether you're interested in bumble bees, Hinduism, madeleines, Nietzsche or watch current TV shows, you will find something that suits you. Many university students, and students in general think they are gaining a strong command of the language, but find themselves at a loss when in France, or while watching every day television programs. Learning the lingo is also part of learning the language. People don't speak the way they do in books or recordings, and that's why you want someone professional to teach you but also someone young who is connected to the existing culture and can guide you through it.