Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

        TEFL Certification, 120 hours, 07/10

        Learned the fundamentals of English language instruction

Masters of Science in International Affairs, focus on Finance, 06/09

        Research and analysis of International Institutions (IMF, World Bank, WTO, UN and EU)

Bachelors of Science in International Affairs, focus on Political Science, 06/08

        Research and analysis of the political development of various regimes

    College of La Sorbonne, Paris, France

        Attended literature and cinema courses, 09/04-06/05

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    Lycée Pasteur, Paris, France

        International Baccalaureate, focus on literature and philosophy, 06/04


French/English translator, Freelance, Austin, Texas for the Architecture Section of the Academy of the Arts Berlin, 06/15

     Translated "The fitted furniture virtual reconstruction" a 5,000 word essay on Eileen Gray's villa E1027 

French teacher, Freelance, Austin, Texas, 01/14-current

     Instructed students in written and spoken French of all levels with own method

French teacher, L’Alliance Francaise, Austin, Texas, 02/12-04/14

     Instructed students in written and spoken French according to a set curriculum

English teacher, Les Petits Bilingues, Paris, France, 09/11-12/11

    Instructed French children in oral English using games and songs

Private English and French tutor, Dammakaya Temple, Thailand, 04/11-07/11

    Instructed a Buddhist monk in view of preparing him for graduate school in England

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